DACP - Impact of Daily Aid Community Project: history, accomplishments, activities

 DACPict daily aid community project

Impact of Daily Aid Community Project: History, Impact Today and Results

Impact and Activities of DACP

Short History

A group of 20 PLWA decided to come together to address their problems and break the silence. Day Aid Care Self Help Group was born 1999 and was registered in 2000 at the department of Social Services (Kisumu). Day Aid Care Group spreads its wings creating awareness and behaviour change, supporting orphans and vulnerable children and giving home based care to the very ill. Training and the facilitating of IGA come next. DACP became an NGO (see NGO DACP ) in 2007.

Impact Today

  1. Home Based Care: DACP's bottom up approach has made a success of the home based care program in the Nyalenda slum (Kisumu). Working together with the Kenya Ministry of Health 27 woman from the community have been trained as health care workers. These volunteers carry out home visits to very ill PLWH . Each care-giver visits 5 clients 3 times a week, meaning that the suffering of 135 people is relieved by 405 visits. See also: Nyalenda centre.
  2. Orphan Support: DACP has supported orphans in many was within the Nyalenda context. Two years ago Mary decided to take in some orphans in her house. Currently their are 16 children in the Kibos home. Three older kids are attending secondary school and are living in the Kibos home during holidays.
  3. Teenage Mothers: In the Nyalenda centre 19 teenage mothers have been trained in tailoring. These skills have a huge impact on their lives. They are now able to generate income and keep their children well fed and attending school.
  4. Micro Loans and Income Generating Activities: Micro loans have empowered about 40 man and woman in the Nyalenda community. This support have them enabled to set up small businesses and become self reliant. Some examples of the IGA are: tiny scale horticulture (tomatoes, watermelons) brick making, soap and candles making, selling paraffin, water and vegetables and tailoring and cloth repair.

Some Accomplishments

  1. Community sensitized and mobilized to go for VCT and PMCT programs (1500+)
  2. Provided 150+ orphans and vulnerable children with basic daily needs and the means to get an education (guidance, food, medication, school fees & uniform, text books ). Some of the kids in our program are now attending university (3).
  3. Reduced spread of HIV in Nyalenda estate trough awareness campaigns, prevention and positive behaviour change. (5000+)
  4. Increased family support in home based care for terminally ill patients (300+)
  5. Provision of home based care by trained health care workers (300+)
  6. Collaboration network established with relevant organisations (10+), see partner network