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Welcome to Daily Aid Community Project Kenya

Daily Aid Community Project (DACP) is an NGO that provides aid, support and care to PLWHA (people living with hiv / aids) and vulnerable children (orphans) affected by the pandemic in Nyanza, Kenya.


Currently, DACP works from to locations: the Nyalenda centre and the Kibos home both in Kisumu.


(1) To work together to create a better environment for present and future generations; (2) To get to know each other as brothers and sisters against the fight against hiv/aids; (3) To fight ignorance, create awareness and behaviour change, encourage positive living and promote love, understanding, aid, care and support.


(1) To reduce the further spread of the virus and the suffering of the infected; (2) To improve the quality of living of the infected and affected; (3) To help affected children to create a future of opportunity; (4) By working hands-on, bottom-up and actively involve peers, family and the community.


See the Impact , Nyalenda and Kibos sections for more information about our activities. See the contact-section for some NGO formalities, our address, email and phone numbers. See also our partner organisations. Want to be involved? Feel free to contact us to discuss how you can contribute and/or donate to support us financially.


Kisumu district is one of the districts in Nyanza province that has been greatly affected by hiv/aids. While HIV prevalence in the province is estimated at 22%, Kisumu district has a HIV prevalence rate of 28%. The high HIV prevalence in the city is attributed by: (1) Culture of denial due to stigma and rejection; (2) Harmful socio-cultural practices; (3) Poverty; (4) Low use of condoms; (5) Drug and alcohol abuse; (6) Ignorance.

The areas greatly affected by the virus include slums and strips along the beaches of Lake Victoria. It is imperative that hiv/aids intervention target these areas in order to reduce further spread of hiv/aids.